Posted on: January 10, 2009 7:58 pm

1st 2009 NFL Mock Draft

  1. Detroit- Andre Smith- OT, Alabama- Lions tadre pick 20 in the 1st round and pick 1 in the 3rd  to New England for QB Matt Cassel. They will look to provide him good protection with the #1 overall pick.
  2. St louis- Michael Oher- OT, Ole Miss
  3. Kansas City- Brian Orakpo-DE, Texas
  4. Seattle- Michael Crabtree- WR, Texas Tech
  5. Cleveland- James Laurinaitis- LB, Ohio State
  6. Cincinnati- Knowshon Mareno- RB, Georgia
  7. Oakland- Jason Smith- OT, Baylor
  8. Jacksonville- Darrius Heyward Bey-WR, Maryland
  9. Greenbay- Malcom Jenkins- CB, Ohio State
  10. 49ers- Matthew Stafford- QB, Georgia
  11. Buffalo- Rey Maualuga-LB, USC
  12. Denver- Aaron Curry-LB, Wake Forest
  13. Washington- Brian Cushing-LB, USC
  14. New Orleans- Nic Harris-S, OU
  15. Houston- Taylor Mays-S, USC
  16. San Diego-Brandon Spikes-LB, Florida
  17. Jets -Vontae Davis-CB,Illinois
  18. Chicago-Jeremy Maclin-WR,Missouri
  19. Tampa bay-Jauqin Iglesias-WR,OU
  20. New England (from Detroit)-William Moore-S,Missouri
  21. Arizona-Herman Johnson-G,LSU
  22. Philly-Brandon Pettigrew-TE, OKST
  23. Minnesota-Alphonso Smith-CB, Wake Forest
  24. New England-Darry Beckwith-LB,LSU
  25. Atlanta-Jermain Gresham-TE,OU
  26. Miami-Duke Robinson-G,OU
  27. Baltimore- Percey Harvin-WR,Florida
  28. Philly-George Selvie-DE,South FLorida
  29. Indy-B.J.Raji-DT,BostonCollege
  30. Giants-Peria Jerry-DT,Ole Miss
  31. Pittsburgh-Tyson Jackson-DE,LSU
  32. Tennessee-Curtis Painter-QB,Purdue

This Mock Draft is being done with belief that QB's Sam Brafford and Tim Tebow will return to college and not enter the 2009 nfl draft. Tim Tebow will not make it as a Sunday QB and I think Brafford wants that NAtional Championship before he goes on to the next level.

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